Bulk bags/bulk totes

Sometimes bigger really is better

If you’re concerned about moving large quantities of a dry, flowable product, a bulk bag is probably the answer. You can call them bulk bags, or you can call them bulk totes, or you can call them Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (although you probably don’t). Still, you might call them FIBCs.

Whatever you call them, they can help you move tons of stuff at once. They come in lots of designs, so material can be easily poured, lifted, stacked, and moved. They’re perfect for items such as seed, grain, fertilizer, and minerals.

Features & specs

  • Competitively priced
  • Made of strong, tough woven polypropylene fabric
  • Many size and options available.
  • Coated or uncoated material available.
  • UN-approved totes available. These are certified to have passed rigorous United Nations requirements for strength, durability, stability.
  • Weight capacity to your specifications
  • Document pouches come standard on stock bags (optional on custom bags)

Several construction styles in stock

  • 4-Panel & U-Panel designs, made from flat fabric with heat-cut edges and over-lock safety stitching
  • Circular bags made from tubular woven fabric
  • Baffled bags that are reinforced at the corners to help the bag stay cube-shaped, allowing them to be stacked more neatly and save space, achieving more stability and less product shifting during transportation. These are ideal for lighter material such as seed, resin, and other fluffy products.
  • Liner totes, which have waterproof polyethylene liners to protect contents from moisture and other potential contaminants.

Options to choose from

Fill options

  • Open
  • Spout
  • Duffle top

Discharge options

  • Spout bottom
  • Full open bottom
  • Flat bottom

Lift options

  • Single point center-lift
  • Sleeve lift.
  • Lift loops come at a standard 10 inches, and white, but can be made any color or length needed.
  • Loops styles: corner lift loops and cross corner

Custom bags

Totes can be ordered in your choice of color, with or without document pouches, and with any color and length of lift loops. With special orders you also may select custom sizes and printing.

In stock & ready to ship

In stock & ready to ship

  • Plain white bulk totes

    All our stock bags are white. They come with document pouches and standard 10-inch, white lift loops.

    • 35x35x35
    • 35x35x40
    • 35x35x50 multiple weights
    • 35x35x60
    • 35x35x46
    • 35x35x54
    • 35x35x52
    • 35x35x63
    • 36x36x36
    • 36x42x60
    • 38x46x43
    • 40x46x42
    • 40x46x50
    • 40x46x55
    • 40x46x60
    • 40x46x70
    • 40x46x80
    • 42x42x44
    • 42x42x55
    • 46x58x48
    • 46x60x50