Stretch film & pallet wrap

Wrap it up — it ain’t coming apart

Keep stuff together that you want to be kept together. Our high-quality STX hand and machine stretch wraps and stretch film are competitively priced. Whether you wrap by hand or by machine, our film wraps up tight and sticks to itself, to make quick work of securing strong, stable pallet loads.

Features & specs

  • Various sizes in stock, ready to ship
  • Some custom gauges available
  • Available in pre-stretch and cast film
  • Varieties available for both machine and hand-wrapping

Why STX film from Smith Packaging?

  • Faster layer quenching and more consistent layer technology
  • Enhanced engineered resin blends for superior high end performance
  • Higher force to load
  • Higher corner puncture at higher RPM at Impact
  • More forgiving formulas for less stoppage or downtime

In stock & ready to ship

  • Hand film

    • 38 gauge pre-stretched 17″x1,476′; 4 rolls per case
    • 80 gauge high-performance 18”x1,500’ 4 rolls per case
  • Machine stretch film

    20″ film
    • 20″x5,000′ 80 gauge Ultra High Performance film
    • 20″x5,000′ 90 gauge Ultra High Performance film
    30″ film
    • 30″x5,000′ 90 gauge Ultra High Performance film
    • 30″x4,600′ 120 gauge Ultra High Performance film
    Custom machine stretch films
    • customs gauges in 20″ and 30″