Custom printing and graphics

You’re proud of your product, so put your name on it

We can have your brand or custom graphics printed on most of the bags and bulk totes we sell. Why would you do that? Read on, it’s important.

A plain bag certainly serves it’s purpose, but the appearance of packaging matters too. A lot. Especially if your product is bound for retail stores. Some marketing people are convinced that packaging matters as much as the product inside — in some cases more.

This is true whether you are a known brand that wants to make sure it is easy for your loyal customers to find your product.

And it’s true if you are a new brand trying to get a foot in the door and catch the eye of a potential customer.

Even if you are mostly in wholesale trade, you should be keeping your name and logo in front of as many people as possible. That’s how brands become known and recognized. Back that up with a good quality product and you become a brand that is respected, admired and sought after.