Silage wrap

Better forage for your livestock

Premium silage film keeps bales of forage airtight so the forage ferments, preserving the natural nutrients for your livestock during times when the pasture is poor. Wrap is available in many sizes, thicknesses and colors, as well as plastic and cardboard core.

Features & specs

  • Durable multi-layer construction and superior gauge control
  • Puncture, abrasion, and tear resistant
  • Option of either a plastic or cardboard core
  • 1 year of UV protection
  • Works with individual or inline wrappers for any round or square bale application
  • Manufactured in USA

Available by custom order

We are happy to help you with a custom order:

  • Widths: 10″ to 100″
  • Thicknesses: 0.9 mil to 6 mil
  • Colors: Black, green, pink (Breast Cancer Awareness), and more. Just ask!
  • Cores: Cardboard core (more economical and eco-friendly)