Paper sacks

It’s old-school; it’s tried-and-true; it’s paper

If you don’t need the extra toughness of a polywoven bag or weather-proof qualities of polyethylene or BOPP bags, multi-walled paper bags are an affordable and still very strong option for packaging agricultural seed, feed, minerals, and grains. Paper is recyclable, as well, if that is a benefit for your end user. We also stock simple paper baler bags, as well.

Features & specs

  • Easy to print with custom artwork
  • Bleached paper and natural kraft brown available
  • Options include choice of colors, liners, and gussets
  • Available in pasted valve fill or sown open mouth (SOM)
  • Available in pinch bottom and block bottom as well
  • Custom printing available
  • Coated or uncoated available on custom orders
  • Available with PE (polyethylene) liner for extra moisture protection
  • Plain bags, custom printed, or — for Oregon grass seed and clover seed producers — attractive turnkey preprinted “Oregon Grown” designs

Custom printing & custom sizing

We are happy to help you with a custom order: either special sizes or printing with your logo or other custom artwork on both kraft and bleached multi-wall paper bags.

In stock & ready to ship

  • Block Bottom Baler bags in natural Kraft color

    • 12×6.5×28
    • 12.5×8.5×28
    • 12.5×8.5×35.5
    • 14.6.25×7.5×32
    • 15×7.5×33.75
    • 17x9x22
    • 17x9x31
  • Preprinted “Oregon Grown” paper bags

    • 22.5×26.5×7 valve pack
    • 17×4.5×39 sewn open mouth
  • Sewn open-mouth in bleached white color

    • 14×3.5×34
    • 15x3x30
    • 15.5×3.5×35
    • 15x4x34
    • 16x4x34 with PE (polyethylene) liner
    • 16x4x34 paper/poly
  • Sewn open-mouth paper bags in natural kraft color

    • 16x4x36
    • 17x4x39